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Social Empowerment – The Start of a New Era


History of society is marked by exploitation, where people have always been the losers. However, societies are in the beginning of a new era of a major socio-political paradigmatic change. Societies no longer trust the current power structure (and its incumbents) where they have been disenfranchised by self-serving representatives and their cronies and want to take hold of their governance at a local level to claim their universal right to a dignifying life in a more egalitarian environment.
The world today is going through a true corruption war with the corrupt on both sides of the illicit seemingly not intimidated by the creation of courts and quasi-judicial bodies which are accompanied by increase in legal and normative constraints. Why is this so? This paper is the preliminary phase of a new and comprehensive research about the present corruption war in the context of a rising social order and discusses the components and stages of corruption, accountability, risk of decision to corrupt, and corruption schemes, in addition to unpuzzling issues related to the measurement of corruption and suggests that juridification and judicialization processes in some cases become part of the problem rather than the solution.

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