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Corruption – Can Brazil win this war? (to read click here

This research builds a strong foundation and content regarding the highly complex dynamics of corruption in Brazil providing a better picture and understanding of how corruption works from a holistic and integrated perspective, why it is important, and in what respect the present study is novel. It also portrays the findings and makes policy recommendations to help Brazil win the war against corruption.

This research employs a research intensive approach consisting of: (a) construction of a clear vision; (b) development of conceptualization and substance; (c) harmonize the different disciplines in one language – system dynamics, economics, political science, sociology, politics, law, taxes, illicit transactions, fraud, and history among others.

Brazil has to make a decision – whether it wants to drastically reduce corruption permanently or continue to be tolerant with political white-collar crimes. The policies recommended herein will only work if Brazil says no to corruption, no to any form of totalitarianism, yes to the separation of powers, yes to the rule of law, and yes to the universal human right of its people to a dignifying life.